Learning in English

At our driving school in Debrecen you are able to get your driving license for category „B”, as you can complete the whole course in English.

For application, please contact us:

For applying to the course, you need to:

The course consists of three parts:

Online KRESZ-tanfolyam - Vida Autósiskola


You can complete the theorical course in e-learning, where you learn the rules of traffic, and the basics of mechanics. When you finish, you have to take the theorical exam.

Forgalmi vizsga - Vida Autósiskola


You need to drive at least 30 lessons and 580 kms, before you may take the practical exam. In this course you learn how to drive a car, how to complete different parking methods, and how to deal with traffic.


To get your driving license, you also need to know how to provide first aid, and you also have to take an exam of this.

For application, please contact us: